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Imago Dei Newborn Photographer

Hi, I am Crystal Reddick, the nationally recognized, accredited professional newborn photographer at Imago Dei Newborn Photography, serving the Mid-Missouri area- (including Columbia, Jefferson City and Lake of the Ozarks and in-between) with on-location studio newborn photography.  I bring my studio set-up and props to client's homes to create a truly custom and relaxed occasion.  I love to capture newborn moments for those who never want to forget.  To me, the experience is as important as the newborn photos themselves.  I walk side-by-side with my clients through the process from beginning to end, to provide customized final products showcasing their newborn.  I am proud to offer a one-of-a-kind, high-quality newborn photography experience.  The newborn stage is just magnificent, and it is really my privilege to capture these moments in a meaningful way for my clients. 

I have taken great care to become properly trained in safety and posing specific to newborn photography.   I have acquired all the proper equipment, tons of special little props... everything needed.   I would love to take photos of your newborn baby!  Contact me to request more information here.


Imago Dei is Latin for "Image of God"-- the idea described in Genesis 1:27-- "So God created human beings in His own image, in the image of God He created them. Male and female He created them."   I love to capture glimpses of God's handiwork  in people.