Columbia MO Newborn Photographer

Imago Dei Newborn Photographer

Hello, I am Crystal Reddick, the photographer at Imago Dei Newborn Photography.  If you are reading this, you are probably about to have a very beautiful little person enter your life, who you will love more than you can imagine.  These are the little people whom I love to photograph. 

As a specialist in the art of newborn photography, I will create for you heirloom images of your newborn, that you will most likely treasure throughout your lifetime, because they are of your precious baby.  I am so honored to get to capture some of the most beautiful and fleeting moments of life. 

I have training specific to newborn photography, and acquired all the proper equipment, tons of special little props... everything needed.   While I am photographing a newborn, it is very important to me to ensure the safety and health of the newborn.  I have completed extensive training in newborn photography safety, and have become certified by the APNPI.  Beautiful images are important, but must be executed in a safe way, for the newborn... which is why it is so important to go with a trained professional. 


Imago Dei is Latin for "Image of God"-- the idea described in Genesis 1:27-- "So God created human beings in His own image, in the image of God He created them. Male and female He created them."   I love to capture glimpses of God's handiwork  in people.